Help Topics

FriendShipMate is a new site, so there are a lot of wrinkles to be worked out. We thank you for your patience during this trial period. If you find any problems with the site, please submit feedback!

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, FriendShipMate allows you a chance to meet new people and experience new things. Let’s face it, how often do you want to see your FB friends? This is a chance to get away from the people you’re used to for a while.
Our location services are meant to match you to local events and friends. If you were to go on a business trip or vacation and sign in, seeing events going on at home wouldn’t help you have fun.
The event might not be in your local area or it might specifically be for a certain gender. Both of these reasons might keep an event from appearing.
This feature is for the safety and comfort of our users.
Sometimes there are gender exclusive events and this just makes things easier. Throwing a bridal shower? Feel free to only invite ladies. Need guys for your water polo team? That’s fine too. Gender-locked events won’t appear on your local events list, so you won’t even know they were there.
There are a lot of genders between male and female, so for now "Other" is covering all those bases. FriendShipMate does not want to exclude any users from finding friends. In the future there might be more specific options.
The "Other" option is for anyone who does not feel they fall easily into the Male or Female options. Otherwise, please select the gender you identify with when searching for events.
No. If your event is open to all genders please select Male, Female, and Other individually when creating your event.
This is not Tindr, Grindr, or Tumblr. As our name suggest, we’re all about finding friends. Although we don’t discourage romance between interested and consenting parties, we do not want any sexual harassment.
Create your own event! Think of an interest, pick a place, and get out there! Also, feel free to share the site with everyone you know. The more people who know about the site, the more people that will be looking for something to do.
Anywhere that wouldn’t be trespassing. Also, while you are welcome to host an event at your home, please exercise caution when providing your address on the Internet.
Not every event will result in a lifelong friendship. It’s a sad truth but that’s how to world works. But keep meeting new people and you just might get lucky. Try creating events more suited to you and like-minds should appear.
No. If you are after a temporary encounter, that is absolutely fine. As mentioned above, real friendships are not guaranteed. We’re just offering introductions that could lead there.