About FriendShipMate

As we grow up, we are placed into a series of situations where making friends is as easy as it will ever be. Usually these situations arise through school, or after school programs and extracurriculars. The first few days or weeks we are in these groups, we know we are surrounded by people who might also be looking for a friend in the group. Everyone is more receptive to getting to know someone new. And it's great!

But after school ends, be it in high school or college, we are suddenly thrust into this world where people already have friends and don't necessarily need to make another. So we become outsiders looking in. And for many of us, trying to get into those groups can be daunting and paralyzing. 

Around the time Tinder started to become popular in 2014, we decided to do something about our need to make friends. It frustrated us that people weren't looking for friends so much as they were looking for sexual partners.

We asked around for what people really wanted in a website to meet platonic friends. They wanted it to be easy and free to join. They wanted a place where the sole focus was on making friends, and friends only. Ultimately, they wanted a place where people could actually connect with each other to create life-long friendships.

Ever since, FriendShipMate has been a work in progress. Nearly every aspect of the site has been built from the ground up with the user in mind. Features aren't added because more features = better website, features are added because they make sense and that's how we'll approach future development of FriendShipMate.

I just wanted a place where people who don't make friends easily can go to easily make friends. Is that so much to ask?
- Danny Zawacki, Founder of FriendShipMate

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